Facilitate a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation

You’ve experienced a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation – Now help someone else create a YOU+ plan!

Facilitating a YOU+ conversation doesn’t have to be complicated. We have created a step-by-step guide to help you prepare and guide someone else through their own YOU+ Discipleship conversation. Everything you need to help someone make their own YOU+ Discipleship plan is below.


Have the participant share their YOU+ Devotional responses with you before you meet. You will need this information to facilitate the conversation. Read and reflect on what they shared in order to prepare so you can guide them in creating their YOU+ Discipleship plan. You can download the sample YOU+ Devotional questions above.

Have the Conversation

Having a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation is a bit different than a typical discussion. Use the resources below to help you feel confident in helping someone create their YOU+ Discipleship plan.

Download the Participant’s Guide – you will help them fill this out and set some goals during your conversation.

This is your cheat sheet! It will guide you through the Participant’s Guide step by step.

Help them stay on track

After filling out the Participant’s Guide, and setting some goals – they need to record it! Before ending the conversation, ask them to open the email they received with a link to enter their YOU+ Discipleship Plan. After entering this info, they will receive personalized resources and reminders to help them stay on track! Can’t find the email link? Click below and have them log into their profile.

You helped someone create their YOU+ Discipleship Plan!

But it’s not over! Encourage your participant to facilitate a YOU+ Discipleship Conversation with someone they know. Walking alongside others as they grow in their relationship with Jesus is how we continue the mission of helping people find their way back to God!