Expressions of the church passionate about the Jesus Mission and intimately connected to the larger movement of what God is doing through COMMUNITY.

What is a “MicroChurch”?

MicroChurces are smaller, but full expressions of COMMUNITY consisting of 10-50 people meeting online, in homes, or in public spaces all over the world. MicroChurches will be initiated by trained and equipped leaders who have a passion for reaching new people in their circles of trust and influence.

Three Core Commitments:

1. Connecting with God together weekly.

2. Connecting with The Church regularly through smaller groups.

3. Connecting with The World through serving.

The Goal:

To identify, equip, empower, and send people to launch and lead MicroChurches in the Chicagoland area and around the world. COMMUNITY equips and empowers MicroChruch Leaders through our 18-week leadership cohort and beyond through regular coaching with COMMUNITY leaders.

MicroChurches at COMMUNITY

Featured MicroChurches available will be listed below.