Working to recapitalize black and minority-owned banks across the country.

The #JusticeDeposits initiative is challenging churches, businesses, and individuals to simply open checking or savings accounts as a way to safely but intentionally help Black-owned Banks, making funds more accessible to Black and minority families and businesses.

COMMUNITY has been on an evolving journey of learning, understanding, listening, and acting to serve our sisters and brothers in the Black community. We’re thrilled to be taking a much needed next step through our #JusticeDeposits Initiative and we’re thrilled to invite you to partner with us in this way to recapitalize black and minority-owned banks across the country. Together, we can make a difference!
– Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor, COMMUNITY

Banks that are minority-run & missional lending

New York City

Nashville | Memphis

Atlanta | Birmingham

Los Angeles | Washington DC

Oklahoma City

Washington DC | Harlem | Newark

New Orleans | Chicago | Detroit | Kansas City | Louisville | Jackson | Montgomery

Los Angeles | Boston | Miami

Community Christian Church & NewThing based in Chicago, have shifted a significant portion of their cash to Liberty, City First, and One United.

“The #JusticeDeposits and #JusticeCapital National Initiative has the potential of changing the economic landscape for millions of Black and Brown families including entrepreneurial business leaders across North America. This initiative can assist in balancing the huge economic disparities in a way that our nation has never seen before!”

Rev. Alvin Bibbs, Sr.
President & CEO | Justice Journey Alliance
Leadership Foundation of Chicago and Visionary Leader
Beyond Words: Count Us In Movement

“We can’t have a conversation about the long and sordid history of racism in America without addressing the profound and lasting economic disparities that were created by 246 years of slavery, 100+ years of Jim Crow, and more recent practices such as redlining, restrictive covenants, and strategic disinvestment. The #Justice Deposits Initiative had the potential to make a huge impact on black communities all around the nation. More capital for Black banks means more available capital for Black families who want to become homeowners, Black entrepreneurs seeking business loans, and consequently a more robust financial outlook for the next generation.” Listen to a podcast with Quentin.

Quentin Mumphery
Lead Pastor, New Hope Covenant Church
Chicago, IL

How You Can Participate

Everyone can participate with zero risk

  1. Ask your company or faith community to move its cash
  2. Open an account yourself
  3. Invest directly in a bank

If you decide to participate in any way, please post it on social media with the #JusticeDeposits hashtag with any photos and explanation.

Read our article in the Harvard Business Review

Could Gen Z Consumer Behavior Make Capitalism More Ethical?

by Eddie Yoon, Christopher Lochhead, Dave Ferguson, and Quentin Mumphery

Goals for Deposits in Black-owned/run Banks

Current Deposits >> $5 Billion

Near Term Goal >> $100 Billion

Long Term Goal >> $1 Trillion

Corporate Investments Made Towards Our Goal

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