We all struggle with thoughts that cause us to question our value and purpose.

Sometimes no matter how hard we fight, these thoughts can take over our lives. But God tells us something different. Each week of this series will address a mental health challenge that can consume our thoughts and encourage one another to fight back with God’s truth. Let’s break the silence, remove the stigma, and encourage each other to find help and hope for the future.

Week 1 | Sept 20, 2020 | I Don't Like Myself

Big Idea: You are loved.

Week 2 | Sept 27, 2020 | I Don't Fit In

Big Idea: You belong.

Week 3 | Oct 4, 2020 | I Don't Want to Keep Going

Big Idea: You have a choice.

Week 4 | Oct 11, 2020 | I Don't Matter

Big Idea: You have a purpose.