Unexpected Beginnings | Apr 1 -7, 2018

Series Big Idea

The Easter message tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection as experienced by one of his close followers, Mary Magdalene.

Message Big Idea

This day could be your unexpected beginning.


John 20:1-18, Luke 8:2

Ice Breaker and Opening Thought

  1. Share the story of a time you were surprised, or you surprised someone else. How did the surprise make you feel and what went through your mind?
  2. Life is a series of changes, which we experience as endings and new beginnings. Have you found endings and new beginnings challenging or exciting or both? Why?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read John 20:1-18. What do you notice about the text? Pay attention to the characters, the conversations, and the minor details.
  2. In what ways do the characters each experience something unexpected?
  3. We’re told in Luke 8:2 that Mary Magdalene had been afflicted by seven demons, and now Jesus sends her out to be the first person to tell the Gospel. What could this say about God and humanity?

Life Application

  1. Jesus wants to transform all of us in the same way Mary experienced transformation. In what ways have you seen Jesus transform people in your life?
  2. We might know in our heads that the risen Jesus can bring resurrection to our lives, but we may still live and feel like it’s “Good Friday.” In what ways have you lived like it’s still “Good Friday?”
  3. What new beginning do you want to ask Jesus for this Easter season?


Mary mistakenly thought Jesus was the gardener, but then he called her name, and she recognized him and responded, “Teacher!” Jesus rose again from the dead to rescue the whole world, but he also calls out your name and my name. So as a group, let’s take a few minutes and call out to him in prayer. Take a few minutes of silence and then as you feel led, ask Jesus in one sentence for a new beginning you’d like to see this year.