Conviction and Compassion | Feb 18 – Feb 25, 2017

Series Big Idea

Following Jesus doesn’t always mean “either/or,” often it is a “both/and.”

Message Big Idea

Living in the “and” means choosing compassion and conviction.


John 8:2-11, John 13:34-35, Romans 12:9

Ice Breaker

Would you prefer donuts or French fries every day?

Bible Discussion

1. Read through John 8:2-11, what stood out to you? Are there any words or phrases that struck a chord?
2. Read Romans 12:9 out loud. Compare this verse with Jesus’ actions in John 8, what are some areas that Jesus extended compassion in his ministry?

Life Application

3. We talk about the practice of “Listening to Understand,” what is so difficult about doing this?
4. In what situations is it hardest to extend compassion? What are our hot-topic issues?
5. How do we balance conviction with compassion?
6. What could it mean to be “for someone”? If you are “for someone,” how could you lovingly challenge them with a conviction that might not be theirs?


7. Are there conversations this week you can have with someone from a different background where you practice “Listening to Understand”?
8. Have you pulled away from anyone because of your convictions but find yourself lacking on the compassion side? Who in your life needs to experience compassion?