The Holy Spirit

Week 3 | The Holy Spirit Has Equipped You

February 20, 2022

Big Idea

The Holy Spirit equips us, giving spiritual gifts to every follower of Jesus for the common good.


1 Corinthians 12:1-31, Romans 12:3-8, Ephesians 4:11-13, 1 Peter 4:10-11

Opening Questions

  1. Have you been able to B.L.E.S.S. anyone this week? If so, what happened? Take a few minutes to fill out the B.L.E.S.S. survey at
  2. What is one of the best gifts you’ve ever been given?
  3. The Holy Spirit has given us Spiritual Gifts to build up our community and serve the world. What do you think about the idea of God giving us Spiritual Gifts? Have you ever taken a Spiritual Gifts Assessment? What were the results?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-31. What did you notice in this passage?
  2. Paul connects Spiritual Gifts with love in the next chapter (see 13:1-3). Why do you think that connection is essential for Paul? What does that connection say about the purpose of Spiritual Gifts?

Life Application

  1. If you’ve never taken a Spiritual Gift Inventory, you can text the word “Gifts” to 331-226-1686. Please take a few minutes to complete it and share your results with the group.
  2. As you reflect on your results, which ones surprised you? Which ones didn’t? Why?
  3. How could you begin exercising your gifts regularly? Or, if you already are exercising your gifts, is there anything you need to do differently?
  4. New Testament scholar Scot McKnight writes, “The healthiest, most vibrant churches are those in which each person’s gift is exercised for the good of others, and each person is encouraged to use his or her gifts.” Why are the healthiest churches ones where more people are exercising their gifts?
  5. What step could you take this week? You might reach out to your Community Pastor or visit the COMMUNITY website to see opportunities to develop your gifts: