The Power of ONE Action | March 12 – March 18, 2017

Series Big Idea

The power of ONE church family carrying out ONE vision will allow us to accomplish the ONE mission together.

Message Big Idea

ONE Action has the power to demonstrate your commitment to God.


Genesis 22:1-19, James 2:21-22

Ice Breaker

What is one, single decision that has impacted your life forever?

Bible Discussion

1. Read James 2:21-22. What stood out to you? What struck you?

2. Read Genesis 22:1-19. What could it mean in our lives that our faith is made complete in our actions? How was Abraham’s made complete?

Life Application

3. Sometimes we can find ourselves dividing our lives into compartments, faith in one and action in the other. How hard or easy is it to not divide our lives into compartments? What could help us?

4. When you consider your priorities in life, would the list look different if you asked God to reorder it? In what ways might it change?

5. What’s the hardest thing in our lives for us to relinquish control over?

6. Stewardship means trusting God with your possessions, income, and anything else God has given you. How else can you trust in the Giver rather than the gift?


As a small group, discuss what God might want to do in you and through you as you take action and commit to God’s mission. What are some ways you could support each other in this?