Perseverance | July 2 – July 8, 2017

Series Big Idea

Though Joseph lived through so many messed up experiences, the Lord was with him and his life became a model of integrity and grace.

Message Big Idea

When our aim is to honor God, we can find the strength to persevere through any circumstance.


Genesis 39:20-41:1a

Ice Breaker and Opening Thought

1. What is the biggest way you’ve changed since you were a child? In what ways are you still the same?

2. We’ve all had “messed up” experiences. How have those experiences shaped who you are today?

Bible Discussion

3. Read Genesis 39:20b-41:1 as a group. As you read, write down or mark phrases, words, or themes that are repeated. What part(s) of the story resonated with you? Why?

4. There is no mention of how Joseph felt about any of the circumstances he faced in these verses. How would you have felt if you had been in Joseph’s shoes?

5. In normal circumstances, someone who interpreted a dream would need to consult an expert or Egyptian dream books. Joseph doesn’t consult anything but simply relies on God for the interpretation. What questions or thoughts might this have raised for the baker and cupbearer regarding Joseph?

Life Application

6. When we go through difficult circumstances, we may find ourselves asking, “Where is God?” Have you ever experienced a time like that? If so, can you share some about your experience?

7. In this most recent message, three statements were made about Joseph’s experience of God. 1. God’s presence is not based on our present circumstances. 2. Don’t let the prison of your circumstances cause you to miss the presence of God. 3. You have a platform no matter your position. Which of the three have you experienced? How so?

8. Which one do you need to hear the most right now? Why?


Spend some time reflecting on your life this week. Are there circumstances you are facing or have faced that have distracted you from honoring God? What can you do to set that focus again? What can you take to God in prayer? Write down your goals and a prayer to God to help you persevere.