Searching for Answers Part 2

Week 1 | Can Faith and Doubt Coexist

August 28, 2022

Big Idea

Living in the “and” means choosing faith even with your doubts.


Mark 9:14-27

Opening Questions

  1. How have you been able to B.L.E.S.S. others recently?
  2. Have you ever participated in a trust fall? If so, what was it like?
  3. We’re discussing the nature of faith and doubt and whether they can coexist. What experiences or questions cause you to doubt faith? What reasons do you have to have faith in Jesus?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Mark 9: 14-27 out loud. What sticks out to you? What words or phrases resonate with you?
  2. Reread the father’s prayer in v. 24 – what does this suggest about the relationship between faith and doubt?

Life Application

  1. What has been your experience with doubt in religious settings? Was it looked down upon? Welcomed? Hidden? Explained away?
  2. How might doubts make faith stronger?
  3. If you’re comfortable, what are some current doubts?
  4. CHALLENGE If you’re currently struggling with doubt, take time to pray, “Jesus, if you are real, make yourself real to me.” You might also mention your doubt in a short sentence and ask God to “help you in your unbelief.” Consider expressing your doubts to a close friend or in a small group. Like burdens, shared doubts lightened the load.