Next Level

Week 3 | Accountable Friends

September 17, 2023

Big Idea

Next Level friendships mature with accountability.


Galatians 2:11-14, Ephesians 5:21, Proverbs 27:6 and Proverbs 27:17

Opening Question

Share a time when you tested the limits of your parent’s authority.

Series Overview

Our current series, Next Level, is about bringing our relationships and friendships to a new and better place. This final week we focus on moving our relationships and friendships from authenticity to accountability. Open your time together with a moment of prayer, asking God to give you wisdom and discernment and invite the Holy Spirit into your conversation in a special way.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Galatians 2:11-14. What is Paul holding Peter accountable to, and why? How do you think Peter reacted to Paul holding him accountable in this way? What might have happened if Paul had not said anything to Peter?
  2. In Ephesians 5:21 Paul writes, “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” With the motivation for submission being “reverence for Christ,” how does our faith play a role in how we interact with others?
  3. In the book of Proverbs, Solomon writes, “Wounds from a friend can be trusted…” (Proverbs 27:6). How does this verse relate to accountable relationships?
  4. Iron rubbed against another piece of iron will become sharp even as it sharpens the other piece. How does this impact the way you read Proverbs 27:17?

Life Application

  1. What can we learn from Peter’s behavior in Galatians 2:11-14? In what ways can cultural influences or social pressures impact our behavior?
  2. How can mutual submission enhance our relationships within our family, workplace and community? Share a personal experience.
  3. Have you had a friend “sharpen” you or vice versa? What was the outcome of that “sharpening”?
  4. Don’t settle for life on the surface! A YOU+ conversation is a great way to invite healthy accountability into your life. If you’ve had your YOU+ conversation, share a highlight. If not, consider meeting with a trusted friend to do so. It’s simple and all about you growing closer to God. Get started at