Week 4 | I AM the way

August 13, 2023

Big Idea

Jesus is the answer to which path we should follow. He is the way.


John 14:1-7, John 14:8-21 and Matthew 11:28-30

Opening Questions

Share a time when you got lost. Include when, where and how it made you feel.


In our current series, we look at the “I AM” statements in the Gospel of John, the fourth book in the New Testament written by one of Jesus’ closest friends and followers. Through these statements, Jesus tells us about Himself and the kind of life He came to bring.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read John 14:1-7. Context matters. What events lead to Jesus saying these comforting words? How does understanding the context enhance our understanding of His message?
  2. What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “I AM the way and the truth and the life?”
  3. Read John 14:8-21. Who is the Spirit of Truth? According to this passage, what role does the Spirit of Truth play in our lives?
  4. Verse 17 states, “The world cannot receive the Holy Spirit because it neither sees him nor knows him.” How do you interpret this statement? What does it say about the spiritual discernment needed to understand and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit?
  5. Read Matthew 11:28-30 in several translations, including The Message. Reflect on the phrase(s) that you find the most impactful.

Life Application

  1. Is there a path you are currently searching for? Maybe it’s with your career or your relationships or spiritual peace. Share what comes to mind.
  2. Jesus’ I AM statement in verse 6 is sometimes limited to Him being “the way” to salvation. He is that, but it means more than directions to heaven. Jesus is offering us the opportunity to live our lives connected with God through Him, the flourishing You+ life. If you have yet to experience your You+ conversation, start at youplus.info to begin your discipleship journey and to live more connected with God.
  3. How does it make you feel that Jesus asked God to give us another advocate, the Spirit of Truth? Have you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit? If so, what was that like for you?
  4. What a beautiful invitation Jesus gives us in Matthew 11:28-30! Have you found rest in Jesus when you felt burdened or weary? How did this experience impact your faith and how can it help with your perspective today?