Her Story – Women & The Bible

Week 4 | The Church Needs Us

June 2, 2024

Big Idea

COMMUNITY will be a church where men and women are encouraged to flourish in the gifts God has given them because we believe this is the faithful interpretation of Scripture.


Genesis 1:26-28, Genesis 2:18, Genesis 3:1-24, and 2 Corinthians 5:16-19


In this current series, we’ll tell the stories of women in the Bible to inspire and encourage all of us to follow their

Opening Question

  • What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Genesis 1:26-28. What stands out to you in this passage? What was God’s original design for men and women?

  2. Genesis 2:18 uses the Hebrew word, ezer, which has been interpreted differently. How have you interpreted this word? How would it change your perspective if you knew that the actual meaning of ezer is strength and power?

  3. Read Genesis 3:1-24. How did God’s original design for men and women change after sin entered the world? What was God’s reaction to this? How did Adam and Eve respond?

  4. Jesus refused to live by the curse. Instead, he ushered in a new creation. Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-19. How does this passage give you hope for today?

Life Application

  1. In what ways do you think men and women are meant to reflect God’s image in the world? How are you reflecting God’s image to the world?

  2. What lessons can we learn from the consequences of Adam and Eve’s sin for our own lives? How does Genesis 3:1-24 point forward to the need for a Savior and the promise of redemption through Jesus?

  3. How does the concept of being a “new creation” in 2 Corinthians 5:17 apply to your life?

  4. As we wrap up this series, share any takeaways or last thoughts. End your group time in prayer, thanking God for His Word and wisdom and for the way He has gifted each one of us to bless others with our unique talents and abilities.