Genetically Generous

Week 2 | What’s Your Generosity Profile? Part 1

July 2, 2023

Big Idea

We’re all wired for generosity, but we express it in various ways.


Psalm 139:13-14

Opening Questions

  1. If someone gave you $10,000, how would you spend it?
  2. What personal assessments have you taken, and what have you learned about yourself? Some examples are Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram and Spiritual Gifts Tests

Bible Discussion

  1. What does Psalm 139:13-14 teach us about the nature and character of God? How does the imagery of knitting used in this passage deepen our understanding of God’s involvement in our creation?
  2. What does it mean to you personally to be “fearfully and wonderfully made” by God?

Life Application

  1. Take a few moments and complete the generosity survey at Once you’ve completed the assessment, click on your profile description. Make sure to read all the sections of your profile, including the shadow side, the growth challenge and the challenge verse.
  2. Looking back on your life, can you see where this profile has been true in your generosity journey? If so, share some examples.
  3. In what ways might you grow in your generosity in accordance with your profile? (Consider financial, serving and relational forms of generosity.)


We hope all of us are encouraged to recognize how we are wired to reflect our generous God. Every one of these profiles is good! Understanding how we are wired can help us grow into people who sow generously. The hope and prayer for this series is that we become more generous, just like the One who gave everything for us.