Week 3 | Why Choose the Way of Jesus?

Mar 17, 2024

Big Idea

Jesus leads us in his way of sacrificial love and humble service.


Mark 10:35-45, Mark 9:35, and 1 John 3:18


In our current series, we will examine real-life encounters with Jesus documented in the Book of Mark. Our prayer is that you’ll encounter Jesus in a personal way as we study this book together.

Opening Questions

  1. What’s the best seat you’ve ever sat in, whether at a concert, a game, or elsewhere?
  2. Have you experienced the new YOU+ devotional format? If so, what was that like for you? If not, check it out at youplus.info, individually or as a group.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Mark 10:35-45. What false assumptions were James and John making in their request of Jesus? What is the difference between how the disciples viewed greatness and how Jesus viewed greatness?
  2. In verse 39, instead of sitting at Jesus’ right and left hand, what does Jesus say James and John will do? What do you think Jesus meant in verse 45? How was his life a ransom for many? Share any other insights you have from reading Mark 10:35-45.
  3. How is the message conveyed in Mark 9:35 connected to Mark 10:35-45?
  4. How is the message conveyed in 1 John 3:18 connected to Mark 10:35-45?

Life Application

  1. Can you relate to James and John and what they are asking Jesus? If so, how?
  2. How can we avoid the pitfalls of seeking personal glory and power in pursuit of leadership roles?
  3. Discuss instances where you have witnessed or experienced true servant leadership, as Jesus describes.
  4. Where is God inviting you to serve in your home, community, or church? What steps will you take to hear from God and do what He says? Spend time in prayer, asking for Jesus’ help and guidance as he leads us through sacrificial love and humble service.