Big Idea Series – Defy Gravity

Week 2 – Created to Climb

Feb 2 – Feb 8, 2020

Message Big Idea

We are created to defy the gravitational pull of our culture by living generously.


Acts 2:44-47, Acts 4:32-35


What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Opening Thought

There’s something innate in all of us that recognizes goodness when we see acts of kindness or generosity. Why do you think it touches us so?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Acts 2:44-47. What do you notice? What do you see them doing together? Do you think this influenced their generosity, or did their generosity influence their unity?
  2. Read Acts 4:32-35. What do you notice about their attitude towards possessions?
  3. In Acts 2:47 it says they enjoyed the favor of the people. There was a characteristic of winsomeness about their community. Why do you think they were so winsome? Where do you see the same “winsomeness” around you?

Life Application

  1. How well do you receive generosity? Graciously or with great difficulty? Skeptically or Open-handed? How else might receiving generosity feel?
  2. What did you learn about generosity from your family of origin?
  3. What have you learned from the Church about generosity? How does that compare with the verses in Acts?
  4. What are the barriers you feel to being generous? How does your call to be generous match your actions?


Share with the group one way God is calling you to be radically generous. Over the next week, take some time to reflect on where God is asking you to be generous and come up with a plan. Generosity is rarely a flood gate; more often, the generosity path is a ladder. Figure out what your next step is: Give Something, Give Generously, or Give Extravagantly. The size of the number rarely matters. What gives meaning is intentionality and sacrifice.