God is My Co-pilot | June 17 – 23, 2018

Series Big Idea

This series takes a look at some familiar Christian axioms as we ask the question, “Is it Biblically sound or just sound Biblical?

Message Big Idea

If Jesus is your co-pilot, switch seats!


Matthew 19:16-22

Ice Breaker

What is the worst car ride you can remember?

Opening Thought

We don’t want Jesus to be the backup pilot in our life, we want Jesus to be the one who is leading us in all areas of our lives. If Jesus is your co-pilot, switch seats. He’s not your co-pilot, he’s the Creator of the Universe.

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 19:16-22. What do you notice about this story? What questions do you have?
  2. Jesus didn’t give this command to everyone, but specifically to this young ruler (and others like him). Jesus must have seen that this young man was gripping tightly to his wealth to the point it led him away from God. What are the areas of our lives that might be difficult to hand over to Jesus?

Life Application

  1. Where do you need to let Jesus pilot your life? Where are you still trying to tell him, “I’ve got this”
  2. Where are you using autopilot to get through life hoping Jesus doesn’t take control?
  3. When we talk about switching seats with Jesus, we are talking about surrender. What comes into your mind when you hear the word surrender? What might it mean for you to surrender your life to Jesus?


Take an inventory of your “aircraft of life” and see where you might need to do some maintenance. Pick a time this week where you read Mark 8:36-38. Pray and reflect, journaling and asking God’s Spirit to guide you to grow in your relationship with him. Start the process to trust God more and more as the Pilot of your life.