Everything Happens for a Reason | June 10 – 16, 2018

Series Big Idea

This series takes a look at some familiar Christian axioms as we ask the question, “Is it Biblically sound or just sound Biblical?

Message Big Idea

God can use everything that happens for a reason.


Matthew 10:28-29; Genesis 1:28; Romans 8:26-28

Ice Breaker

If you could know the future about every detail in your life, would you want to know?

Opening Thought

One of the most frequently heard bumper sticker sayings is: “Everything happens for a reason.” But is that true? Maybe someone said it to you after a negative occurrence – a job you didn’t get, a relationship that didn’t work out, an unwanted diagnosis, or even after a devastating loss. Why do people say it? Well, sometimes because they don’t know what else to say, but also because most of us want to believe there is a purpose for our pain. In a world where there is so much uncertainty, we find comfort in imagining every detail of life being controlled by the plan and will of God. In what ways have you experienced this bumper sticker theology?

Bible Discussion

  1. Read Matthew 10:28-29. In what ways does this verse gets used for the Bumper Sticker Slogan: “Everything Happens for A Reason”?
  2. Read Genesis 1:28. What do you think it means to rule or subdue? How would you put that in your own words?
  3. Consider the following definitions: Determinism = Everything that happens is God’s will. God causes everything to happen. Deism = God has no control over anything that happens. God is not involved. If you’re being honest, where do you find yourself on the spectrum between Determinism and Deism? In which version of God are you most comfortable believing?
  4. How does our own rule intersect, overlap, or rebel against God’s rule?

Life Application

  1. Share a time in your life when you felt like God had abandoned you, or believed a situation was beyond rescuing or redemption?
  2. Read Romans 8:26-28.In what ways could you benefit from opening yourself up to “God can use everything that happens for a reason”?


For an entire week, begin each day reading Romans 8:26-28. Then throughout each day, look for how God might be at work through you and the circumstances you encounter. Start the next morning journaling how you saw God at work.