Becoming Like Jesus

Week 1 | Jesus Slowed Down

January 2, 2022

Big Idea

To be deeply formed into the image of Christ, we must slow down to enter a place of solitude and stillness before God.


Luke 5:15-16, Mark 1:35, Luke 22:42-44

Ice Breaker & Opening Thought

  1. What hopes or resolutions do you have for this year?
  2. We want to be deeply formed like Jesus. Author and Pastor Villodas said, “Instead of being deeply formed, we settle for being shallowly shaped.” What does it mean to be shallowly shaped? How would we go about being shaped deeply?

Group Discussion

  1. As Christ Followers, we look to the life, teaching, and practices of Jesus to inform our whole way of life. Therefore, there are three resolutions we’d like to call our entire church to this year.
  2. Read Luke 5:15-16, Jesus slowed down long enough to align himself with God. How could slowing down be beneficial to us?
  3. Read Mark 1:35. Jesus would draw away to solitary places. Solitude is not isolation but the intentional choice to draw close to God. What experience do you have of solitude? How might it help us know God’s presence more deeply this year?
  4. Read Luke 22:42-44. Jesus struggled with his purpose and calling. We mostly want to avoid struggle, but it’s a necessary part of growth in every area of our lives, especially as a follower of Jesus. Where are you experiencing struggle right now?
  5. On January 10, our whole church is invited to participate in our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting. We’re asking everyone to fast and fill. To fast from something that will enable you to fill your life with more of God’s presence. In what ways would you like to fast and fill during these 21 Days? To facilitate this, spend some time looking at the information and resources on the Community page and discuss how you and your family might engage.
  6. Commit the group to come next week with one way to fast and fill starting January 10. Close the group in prayer.